best autoflowering seeds

Northern lights strain is among the most acclaimed and popular strains loved by millions. It is regarded as a descended from Thai and Afghani strains. It is mostly grown indoors and is known for its fast climbing capability. The notable and loved hybrids Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk are results of Northern Lights strain with different strains. The Northern Lights seeds are developed in such a manner that they give the best return and supply the authentic high it is intended to offer. These seeds are available as regular or as feminized seeds.

The mixture gives the result of a fast flowering and also a plant with higher THC content. This makes Northern Light automatic a plant using higher THC as well as CBD content. It has high production and its success is contributed by the big branching. Its odor is similar to hashish and incense and gives a long lasting high quality. Afghan khush ryder originates from Pakistanies mountains. It is among the best indica cannabis plants.

It doesn’t necessarily require long periods of light to bloom and may adapt in cold climates perfectly too, The harvest is better if it is cultivated indoor, It may be harvested within 7 weeks of blooming, The Afghan Khush Automatic can be used as natural narcotic, It plays a much important role in decreasing pain, AK 47 is one of the finest northern lights seeds, It requires 4 days of flowering, Its average yield is 500 gram per square meter. To receive additional details on northern lights seeds please visit

These autoflowering seeds are now very popular in recent times and have been on demand for quite sometime now. With technologies, shopping for seeds is no longer a long and difficult process. With numerous seed banks, you must choose the most suitable seed in accordance with your preference and you also get to compare from one of a number of seed banks and from among several different types of seeds.